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You may use CHENS-SCENAR:

to treat home traumas (wounds, abrasions, scratches, bruises, muscle strains, sprains, 1st and 2nd degree burns and frostbite);
to help alleviate or eliminate aches and pains of well-known origin (headaches, toothaches, radiculitis pain, menstrual pain, as well as the pains of oncological patients - to improve quality of life);
to treat crush syndromes, intoxication, wounds after accidents (until qualified medical care is provided);
to help with sleep normalization;
to help with blood pressure normalization;
to help in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases and viral respiratory infections;
to help with decongestion (odema);
to help after shock, fainting, heart attack (until qualified medical care is provided);
for cosmetic treatment ("face-lifting", wrinkle reduction or removal, skin aging prophylaxis).
nervous system;
musculo-skeletal system;
respiratory system;
cardiovascular system;
digestive system;
urogenital system;
dental diseases
for prophylaxis of adverse reaction to drugs;
for prophylaxis of post-vaccine complications in children and adults;
to assist cancer patients during chemo- and radiotherapy.

Device Characteristics

Control Indicators: Light-emitting diodes of various colours.
Illumination: Light-emitting diode
Operating modes: Constant, individualized adjustment of output
Frequency: 320, 90, 60, 14 Hz - fixed
Peak modulation: 3:1 (the ratio of treatment time to pause time, in seconds)
Frequency modulation: From 30 to 120 Hz
Therapy amplitude: From 10 to 350
Power supply: 1 x 9 Volt alkaline battery

Device Certificates

EC Certificate CE 69389, from the British Standards Institute - notified body number 0086
Registration Certificate FSO22a2003/0061-04
Conformance Certificate ROSS RU .IM2.BO9854
Medical device production permit 99-03-000199

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